The Lion Cub Scout program is for the youngest members–those who are in kindergarten. ... Cub Scouting is all about adventure! To earn their rank badge, Lion Cub Scouts complete five “adventures,” which are collections of themed, multidisciplinary activities. They may also complete fun elective adventures. One of which being Gizmos and Gadgets to earn the Lion neckerchief!

Lion Scouts is a fun introduction to the Scouting program for kindergarten-age boys and girls eager to get going! Lions enjoy adventures with their adult partners and other Lions every month. This program introduces youth and their families to Scouting and the outdoors as it builds a foundation of character.

Lion Requirements

1. Complete each of the following Lion Required Adventures with your den or family:

a. Lion's Honor

b. Fun on the Run

c. Animal Kingdom

d. Mountain Lion

e. King of the Jungle