Pinewood Derby

Flintlock District Rules (Admittedly 2021 Rules)

The Pinewood Derby is a race, usually hosted by the Cub Scout Pack 105 Burlington, MA. Our Cub Scouts race their homemade pinewood race cars. The cars can be fancy or designed for speed, some will even meet both. All cars must meet the strict weight restrictions requiring the Scouts to wisely distribute the weight allowed to help make the car faster. Each pinewood car is propelled by gravity down a steep wooden race track, racing two or three others at a time. The first car to reach the bottom is the winner.

Dens (grade level groups) race in what are known as heats. Each den has several heats to determine winners. After the den heats are complete, the overall winners race at the end to determine Pack winners. Our den winners then compete at our Flintlock District races. Too much fun for words!!!

105 goes one step further by working with BCAT to have our event televised. This virtual experience has helped our Webelos to earn the now retired Moviemaking pin, but will live on as a part of the Moviemaking Merit Badge for local Troops!